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Let me clarify, the poor service came from the main Jacuzzi headquarters. Last spring my main 2 speed pump started leaking.

I went to my dealer and he ordered a new pump in. He was having troubles finding the exact model pump #. The reason for this was my tub was 7 yrs. old and Jacuzzi changed pump suppliers and the design changed.

It took over a month to straighten this out and get a pump ordered. Problem is, the new designed pump didn't fit the space the original motor had. It was larger,not only in motor size but also pump size. I has Jacuzzi service look and they said the same thing.

It would be a major undertaking to retrofit the new pump, on a 7 yr old hot tub. They weren't sure what to do, so I shopped online and managed to find one exact to my original pump, so I ordered it. During this time I contacted Jacuzzi at the States head office and asked why they didn't have a main piece like the pump for my tub. They said the new design fits, and I said it didn't and the service techs will tell you the same.

Without flipping the tub, ripping out insulation, cutting hard hose lines and moving the motor mounts it wouldn't work. And was told my service guys didn't know their job. Obviously customer service isn't Jacuzzi's specialty. Now I go to install the pump I ordered, and found the reason the pump leaked what because the rubber vibration mounts had separated and 3 of the 4 mounts had let loose.

So it's now 1 season lost. This spring I just ordered 4 new mounts just over a week ago. I called today to get the status from my dealer. They could only confirm the order was placed.

jacuzzi's computer system doesn't allow my dealer to know if the parts have actually been shipped or back ordered or even if they are exactly the same as the old ones. I am hoping a week from now I am seeing the parts I need and not having another full summer headache.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Customer service.

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Someone has to stop these companies from treating their customers so badly , but they really don't even answer their phones , it's a big scam .

People listen to me .

Do not buy jacuzzi ever .

Go buy a cheap one cause that is what they sell to you anyway .

Don't waste your money .

I have warned you !!!

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